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Save cash with our used tire selection

Used tires may not be brand-new, but they're new to you and just what you need to save some cash.


A full set of brand-new tires can cost a pretty penny, so try used tires and get the same results. Maybe your old tires have seen so much wear and tear that the cords are beginning to show. Or, perhaps you damaged your tire when driving over a nail or other sharp object on the road. If you only need one replacement tire, used may be the way to go.

Our inventory is always changing

Mike's Auto Parts offers a large variety of used tires and a constantly changing stock which means we are likely to have the perfect tires for your vehicle.


Call us at 810-238-6511 or stop in at 3560 North Dort Highway in Flint any time from Monday through Friday between

8:00 am and 5:30 pm.

Get yourself a new set of wheels

Stay on the road with quality used tires